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Logan PS120

LOGAN Power Swivel

The hydraulic, motor-driven Logan 120-ton power swivel provides smooth, shock-free torque. It is rated to support tensile pipe loads of 120 tons at zero rpm and 65 tons of dynamic load at 100 rpm. The compact, swivel-head design weighs only 2,000 lbs. and fits into most drilling or workover masts. Maximum torque is rated at 8,100 ft./lbs at 150 rpm maximum.

The design incorporates a reliable, custom drive train with hardened steel gears and eliminates the use of dangerous spinning chains, tongs, and kelly spinners in most applications. The power swivel reduces stops and start-ups, improving rig efficiency and reducing wear on the pump, drawworks, and other rig equipment.

  • Smooth, shock-free torque reduces drill string damage
  • Fits most drilling and workover masts
  • Allows use of longer drill string lengths
  • Power unit torque limits can be set
  • Separate rotary swivel is unnecessary
  • Choice of diesel engines
  • Increased environmental safety features on skids and trailers
  • Easy to service
  • Feature


  • Model No.
  • Nominal Load Rating (tons)
  • Dynamic Load Rating @ 100 RPM (tons)
  • Maximum Torque (ft-lbs)
  • Maximum Speed (rpm)
  • Maximum Circulating Pressure
  • Standard Stem Connection
    3-1/2 IF
  • Gooseneck Connection
    3" LP
  • Swivel Head Assembly Weight (lbs.)