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Top Drive Products

Premium Oilfield Technologies offers an array of superior products to support the drilling industry. We respond quickly with fast-turn repairs, expedited parts ordering and 24/7 service. We source capital equipment, consumables and hard-to-find critical parts. If you don’t see what you need, give us a call.
Sur-Drive™ Epicyclic Swivel
Rpm on packing seals reduced
Hammerless installation
TDS11 Hi-TORK Upgrade
Increases motor horsepower and available torque
JM 300 Top Drive Valve
Reduced drillstring vibration
Up to 50% faster
Friction reduction software
Spare Parts
Extensive inventory stocked in all drilling regions
GLM Catwalk
Automation for safety
Power and precision
Custom packages
Friction Reduction Enhanced Drilling
Friction reduction
Reduced drilling time
Compatible with OEM brands