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Handling Tools

Premium Oilfield Technologies has multiple handling tools for your drilling operations. All of our slips come with Safety Flex Handles and are interchangeable with OEM equivalent.

Drill Collar Slips
Varco Style DCS Drill Collar Slips
Varco Style CMSXL Casing Slips
Woolley Style Slips
Woolley B Type Style Pipe Slips
Woolley A Type Style Drill Collar Slips
Safety Clamps
Type T and C Style Safety Clamps
Varco MP Style Safety Clamps
Dies and Inserts
For drill pipe/drill collar/casing slips, safety clamps, iron roughnecks & tongs
Drill Pipe Slips
Varco Style SDS, SDML, SDXL Drill Pipe Slips