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Valves and Seats

Caliber® and Patriot™ valves and seats are designed for multiple drilling conditions and various configurations with the goal of increasing service life. Our single piece forged design and high quality hardened steel create a very stable and robust valve/seat combination. We stock a wide variety of designs and can manufacture an assortment of standard service valves and seats to meet any need.
Patriot™ Harsh Duty Valve
Excellent Chemical Resistance
7500+ psi
Patriot™ VXT Valve
Excellent Abrasion Resistance
7500 psi
Caliber® XV-400 Valve
Excellent Chemical Resistance
Perform in Water/Oil Based Muds
Caliber® XS Valve Seat
High Strength Alloy Steel
7500 psi
The Caliber® 4-Web Valve and Seat
High Pressure Drilling Conditions
4-Web Design
Caliber® Well Service Valve/Seat
Standard Pressure Valves/Seats