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Caliber® X300

  • PRO-Caliber-X300-piston

    The CALIBER® X300 is a high performance urethane bonded piston designed for high pressure and high temperature applications. The higher durometer chemistry of this piston enables the piston to make a consistent and reliable seal in extreme conditions and temperatures up to 300°F eliminating the threat of extrusion. Longer piston life equates to longer liner life greatly reducing downtime and operating costs associated with mud pump expendables.

    • Designed for oil-based and synthetic muds
    • Best in higher temp applications above
    • 80°F and up to 300°F
    • Best for high pressure applications from 4500 psi to 7500 psi
    • Bonded urethane design for longer life
    • Excellent chemical resistance
    • Flex lip design
    • Forged steel hub