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RCD And MPD Solutions

Premium Oilfield Technologies is the largest provider of RCDs and MPD equipment and services in the contiguous United States. Premium’s Tru-Flow™ RCD and MPD Solutions offer the most economical and accurate Set Point Pressure Control platform in modern drilling. Tru-Flow product solutions are field proven to improve the management of downhole pressure. Our experienced team can prep and install these solutions on both land and offshore rigs, including our Sur-Tork and Tru-Flow enhancements.

Tru-Flow MPD Software

  • Cloud connected.
  • Simple, intuitive design.
  • Set-point, pressure control, position control, ramp schedules.

Dual Choke Manifold

  • World’s only designed-for-MPD electric choke actuator. C1/D1 actuator goes from open to closed in 2.5 seconds.
  • Actuator runs on 110v wall power and has VFD built into and housed inside the actuator. No need for separate explosion-proof skid.
  • Fully-manned, remote-monitored, or drop-off (self-run) system options.
  • Fast enough to trap pressure on connections.

Premium RCD T3000

  • Remote pneumatic-over-hydraulic bearing clamp mechanism eliminates need for personnel climbing under rig.
  • Sealed self-lubricating bearing assemblies eliminate need for separate external lubricating and cooling systems.
  • In-house manufacturing of RCD elements, frequently lasting 100,000 ft. or more.


  • World’s only set-point pressure control 8” or 6” ball valve.
  • Capable of trapping pressure on pipe connections.
  • Bolts to RCD for compact footprint.
  • Software capable of monitoring trim condition, estimating need for trim change and sending cloud notifications when trim change is recommended.