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Spinner Bowl

We can modify the overall bowl height and flowline center on our low pressure and spinner bowl products for any project requirement.

  • Can rotate 360° while bolted to annular
  • Customizable flowline outlets to cross over from the valve or dresser sleeve can address most needs
  • Custom height to eliminate extra cost associated with spacer spools or risers
  • Available in RCD 1000, 1500 or 2000 formats and pressures

Height and Outlet
On our low pressure and spinner bowl, we can customize to the center of flowline and for the overall height.

  • Flowline outlets are also compatible to meet specific needs for all flowline requirements
  • True bore flowline from 6"-14" which cuts down on restriction and maximizes flow
  • "Shorties" as low as 19" overall height on 11" stacks and 21" on 13" stacks

The Spinner Bowl is featured in our RCD and Valve Solutions Brochure alongside a diverse range of customizations and accessories.