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MR-75 Demco Compatible

  • PREMIUM-MR-75-1in-and-2in-Bore

    PREMIUM MR 75 1in and 2in Bore

  • PREMIUM-MR-75-3in-and-4in-Bore

    PREMIUM MR 75 3in and 4in Bore

  • Premium-MR-75-5in-Bore

    Premium MR 75 5in Bore

    The Premium MR-75 Mud Gate Valve utilizes a field proven design, cross-compatible with legacy Demco profile mud valves. Each valve is fully assembled and tested in our U.S. manufacturing facility prior to shipment. The 7500 psi version is available in sizes from 1.5" to 5" full bore along with major and minor spares kits.

    • Designed to be repaired without taking valve offline. This is accomplished through our removable bonnet design.

    • Seats are made with a long-lasting elastomer that is bonded to two stainless steel inserts and a locking device that ensures proper alignment when installing the seat.
    • Replaceable seat rings that wear instead of the valve body, thus extending service life of the valve.
    • Valves and our repair kits are interchangeable with our competitors on a part to part and unit to unit basis.
    • Stainless steel trim is standard on all valves, for high performance in corrosive applications.
    • Major and minor spare parts kits for 1.5" to 5" mud valves are stocked.
    • Available with Patriot™ ultra-high-performance elastomer seats. Extends life approximately 30% longer than OEM seats.