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Maintenance Program

Premium Top Drive Preventative Maintenance Program

Our preventive maintenance program assists the rig in preventing costly downtime. Our technicians utilize custom checklists based on the OEM’s original maintenance and inspection recommendations. Each grease point, oil check or change, filter replacement or other regular maintenance activity is inspected on a monthly basis. The execution of these activities by the crew is evaluated to identify possible training needs or hands on assistance by Premium. Percentage scores are generated by the Premium checklist to rate the rig on preventive maintenance performance.

Our technicians visit each rig twice per month. During these visits, technicians will complete checks according to the checklist. Recommendations are made for the rig and maintained in a Corrective Action Register to assist the rig with integrating these tasks into period of planned maintenance. The program is customized to promote recordkeeping of preventive maintenance activities and to collect performance data on the top drive. These top drive variables can be converted into visual graphs that provide trend monitoring capability. Customers receive a monthly summary report of all rig visits, including rig scores, corrective actions, and trend monitoring charts, as applicable.