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  • Premium-NV-7500-2in-Mud-Gate-Valve

    Premium NV 7500 2in Mud Gate Valve

  • Premium-NV-7500-3in-4in-5in-Mud-Gate-Valve

    Premium NV 7500 3in 4in 5in Mud Gate Valve

    The Premium Oilfield Technologies NV-7500 Mud Gate Valve uses M2M™ sealing technology. This technology allows our valve to be one of the longest lasting valves in the industry and is used in applications up to 7500 psi. Unlike conventional mud valves with rubber seats that wash out quickly, the NV75 uses single piece seat rings creating an upstream metal to metal seal. This upstream design helps eliminate debris contamination into the valve body and reduces wear on internal components.

    The NV-7500 is part-for-part compatible with the Demco 7500 psi mud valve.


    • 7500 PSI Mud Systems
    • Standpipe Manifolds
    • MPD Manifolds
    • Bleed Lines
    • 2” full bore, 1502, butt-weld or flanged
    • 3" and 4" XXH butt-weld or flanged
    • 4” full bore, 1002, butt-weld or flanged
    • 5" full bore, butt-weld or flanged


    • Single piece seats
    • Metal to metal sealing
    • Reduced wash-outs: Upstream sealing reduces solids in valve cavity
    • High performance urethane stem packing
    • Stainless steel stem, gate and seats. Forged bonnet
    • Certificates available up to API PSL-2