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Safety Clamps

  • Premium-Safety-Clamps

    Premium Safety Clamps

  • Premium-Varco-Style-MP-Safety-Clamps

    Premium Varco Style MP Safety Clamps

    Type T and C Style Safety Clamps
    The Type T and C style safety clamps are designed to hold flush joint tubular or other slick tools safely and prevent the dropping of strings into the well. The T and C sizes range from 1-1/8" – 15-5/8" with the ease of adding or removing of links.

    Varco MP Style Safety Clamps
    The MP style clamp catches tubular from 2-7/8" – 30-1/2" to safeguard against dropping string with the adjustment of the tool. The head's forged, heat treated steel contraction gives this tool long life and dependability. The clamp can also be inserted and fitted with hold down lugs for snubbing operations.