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Tru-Flow™ Choke


The Premium Tru-Flow™ choke is designed specifically for MPD and offers improved accuracy with a small footprint design. The Tru-Flow choke best-in-class trim design allows for passing of large cuttings experienced in an MPD environment. The Sur-Tork EX precision electric servo actuators come standard on all Tru-Flow chokes, giving the user additional connection options for valves and sensors.

  • 3" orifice choke, 3K PSI designed specifically for MPD
  • Proprietary linear choke trim design
  • Tru-Drive Integrated Ball Screw Driven Operator for improved accuracy with reduced torque requirement
  • Sur-TORK Fully Integrated High Torque Servo Motor/Drive/Encoder/Torque Sensor Combo
  • Gantry system for safe servicing of choke
  • EX Rated – Class1Div1
  • 120V low Amp power supply
  • Inlet
    4-1/16" 5K
  • Pressure rating
    3000 psi
  • Outlet
    4-1/16" 5K
  • Trim size
    3.00" maximum
  • Travel
    3.00" maximum
  • Debris passage
    1.75" maximum
  • Temp range

    -40 to 250°F

  • Actuator
    Electric – Class I Div 1 fully integrated Servo Motor, drive, encoder, torque sensor, pressure transmitter, 10 Arc sec resolution, 90-240V AC single phase 10A, ethernet connectivity (-20-150°F)
  • Actuator speed
    Open-close time = 3 Sec