We know that most projects and rigs require specific product specifications. We offer several customized RCD product solutions featured below. If you don’t see what you need, call us – we can make it! 

Customized RCD Solutions

  • Spinner Bowl / Height & Outlet
  • Monitor Back Pressure
  • Surface Weld-Ons
  • 11-2 Orbit Valve
  • 9-2m Orbit Valve
  • 7-3 Manual Ball Valve
  • 7-3m Orbit Valve
spinner bowl and height and outlet

We can modify the overall bowl height and flowline center on the low pressure and spinner bowl products for any project requirement. Customizable flowline outlets to cross over from the valve or dresser sleeve can address most needs.

Features / Benefits:

  • Custom height to eliminate extra cost associated with spacer spools or risers
  • 1000 PSI static / 500 PSI working
  • True bore flowline from 6”-14” which cuts down on restriction and max flow
  • “Shorties” as low as 19” overall height on 11” stacks and 21” on 13” stacks
monitor back pressure

We offer the ability to monitor the back pressure of the well bore to the top side by adding a gauge and lines off the RCD and running it up to the floor to the driller shack for more accurate monitoring. This works great for drilling underbalance or when in flow or pressure zones.

16 and 20 in

We can provide you with an easy and efficient alternative to drilling surface with our 16”, 20”, and 24” weld on RCDs. We also offer flanges on bottom to bolt directly to your specific needs.

11 2 orbit valve


  • 10” bore
  • R-53 ring gasket
  • 1480 PSI
9 2 orbit valve


  • 8” bore
  • R-49 ring gasket
  • 600/900 PSI
  • 1480/2200 PSI
7 3 manual ball valve


  • 6” bore
  • R-45 ring gasket
  • 1480 PSI
7 3 orbit valve


  • 6” bore
  • R-45 ring gasket
  • 1480 PSI