Premium Oilfield Technologies works closely with our clients in the field to learn ways to help save time and money. We take these lessons and apply them in the research, development, and testing of our products. As a response to problems that we have seen in the field, we have developed new performance enhancing technologies to increase safety and to save time and money.

Our SurLock Hammerless Technologies are designed to eliminate unsafe practices and radically decrease the time it takes to perform standard maintenance procedures. The SurLock and SurDrive designs require no Hammers, special tooling or hydraulic pumps for maintenance. All SurLock Mud Pump maintenance systems use single point retention , allow for precise torque measurement and drastically reduce NPT on the rig.

  • Sur-Lock®

    Sur-Lock Quick-Change products are designed to radically speed up the piston, valve/seat, and liner change process. Our Sur-Lock products
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  • Sur-Line®

    We developed the Sur-Line system to prevent mud and other fluids from passing into the power section from the
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  • Sur-Drive™

       Watch Video Premium designed the Sur-Drive™ Epicyclic Swivel System to address multiple problems that drillers have had with their
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  • PXL Seal System

    Premium PXL 7500psi Module Seal Conversion Features: Prevent Module Washouts No Modifications Proven Seal Design Easy Installation Long Lasting
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  • Strainer Cross Cover

    The Sur-Lock® strainer cover offers a 100% mechanical solution for increased operational efficiency, single person maintenance and reduced NPT
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