Caliber® RV7500

The Premium Oilfield Technologies Caliber® RV7500 Relief Valve was designed for today's higher-pressure drilling conditions. The valve utilizes a pin buckling system to determine the relief pressure. Each pin is designed to deform when the pressure reaches a predetermined load. All pins go through a stringent quality control process and batch testing to ensure performance at the correct pressure rating.


  • Pressure ranges from 1,000 to 10,000 psi 
  • Once the pin deforms, pressure is released within milliseconds 
  • Seat and piston are stainless steel for longer life 
  • Field repairable 
  • Easily change the pressure rating by switching pins 
  • Pins are color coded to industry standards 
  • 1502 hammer union connections 
  • Relieves pressure to prevent costly damage to pumps, hoses and mud systems

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