Premium Oilfield Technologies has multiple slip options for your drilling operations. All of our slips come with Safety Flex Handles and are interchangeable with the OEM equivalent.


Handling Tool Products

  • Rotary Slips
  • Drill Collar Slips
  • Casing Slips
  • Safety Clamps
  • Dies and Inserts

Varco “SD” Style 2-3/8" through 5-1/2"
The “SD” style slips are used in standard API bowls. By using a dovetail design, our inserts are held firmly in place and are easily changed by removing the retainer.

Woolley “Type B” Style 2-3/8" through 5-1/2"
The Woolley “Type B” slips come with flat bottoms to help them sit firmly on the rig floor. A single retaining pin allows easy replacement of dies.


Varco “DC” Style 3" through 14"
The wraparound design assures firm grip and the flat segment tops make it easy to lay safety clamps

Woolley “Type A” 3" through 10"
The three piece insert design insures complete gripping action, but allows for easy replacement of the dies.


Varco “CMS-XL” Style 6-5/8" through 30"
The “CMS-XL” style slips fit standard API 4 bowls. Most sizes use the same insert which allows easy transition from one size to the next by merely adding or removing segments (does not apply to all size ranges).


We offer the Varco style “MP” and the Baash-Ross Type “C” & “T” safety clamp.
All of our clamps consist of individual links hinged together with wedge shaped inserts (spring loaded). This ensures an initial grip on the pipe, and should load increase or the pipe start to fall, the taper on the insert causes an increased grip.

The size can be adjusted by simply adding or subtracting links. All of our clamps come in a box equipped with wrench for securing clamp.


  • All of our products are fully interchangeable with OEM equivalent
  • The “MP” style can catch ranges from 2-7/8" through 30-1/2"
  • The “C” style can catch ranges from 3-3/4" through 21"
  • The “T” style can catch ranges from 1-1/8" through 4-1/2"

We provide a full range of dies and inserts for a variety of applications.

Drill Pipe/Drill Collar/Casing Slips

  • Varco style “SD”, “DC”, “CMS-XL”
  • Woolley style type “A” & “B”
  • Baash Ross type “DU”

Safety Clamps

  • Varco style “MP”
  • Baash Ross type “C” & “T”

Iron Roughnecks & Tongs

  • Varco ST-80 style
  • Tong dies 5/8" through 1-1/4" wide

*Please call if you do not see your model listed