Premium Oilfield Technologies has a team of highly-trained mud pump, handling tool, and valve experts in all of the major U.S. shale areas and the Middle East. In the U.S., these professionals visit each rig every two weeks and help our customers choose the right parts for the drilling conditions and mud mixtures that they are encountering. They know which pistons and valves to recommend for water-based mud versus oil-based mud, or which parts to use in high temperature and high pressure applications. Additives to the drilling mud, such as LCM and acids, will also impact the choice of the ideal piston, liner, or valve.

Our field mechanics and technicians are trained to perform all types of pump and valve maintenance including, but not limited to, pump alignment, periodic maintenance, and equipment change-outs. If a pump is using an unusual amount of spares and expendables, often our technicians can identify adjustments to the pumps that can fix the problem. These experts are available to fly/travel anywhere in the world at short notice.

Laser Alignment

Premium Oilfield Technologies leads the industry in technology for precise alignment of the power end section of the mud pump and the fluid end section. We use a specially designed laser system for determining alignment, a method far superior and accurate than the traditional method of using uncalibrated wooden rods. Proper alignment of the pump’s crosshead to the fluid end liner is a requirement for maximizing piston and liner life. Our laser alignment inspection system takes the guesswork out of the alignment process by providing results indicating horizontal and vertical offset as well as angular misalignment – down to 0.0001".


One of the key elements to avoiding unplanned downtime is a strong preventative maintenance program supported by thorough inspections. Our Technical Services group offers inspection services as well as assistance with field and shop repairs and upgrades.

Laser alignment system
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