We believe there is no time for down time and our product line is developed with this key factor in mind. All Premium Oilfield Technologies mud pump parts, handling tools, mud valves, and other drilling related products have a high impact on drilling productivity.

Why choose Premium Oilfield Technologies?

We have industry-standard and fully interchangeable parts and systems.
Our fluid end systems, valves, and handling tools are designed to be 100% compatible with equipment from all of the well-known manufacturers.

Our product line offers timesaving safety enhancements.
Our engineering team has developed many timesaving modifications for the most
common mud pumps and valves. These are 100% compatible with the original
equipment, and some can drastically reduce the risk of injury. Others extend the life of the parts and reduce maintenance expense.

We offer an extensive network of field-based, rig site technical support.
We have a team of highly trained mud pump, handling tool, and valve experts in all of the major U.S. shale areas and the Middle East. In the U.S., these professionals visit each rig every two weeks and help our customers choose the right parts for the drilling conditions and mud mixtures that they are encountering.
We offer a unique consignment box program where inventory is kept at your rig 24/7/365 – all at our cost.

We provide 100% inspection to all of our engineering drawings.
After machining, each part is inspected 100% per our engineering drawings. Our
QC department maintains micrometers, hardness testing equipment, and pressure testing equipment. This equipment is calibrated per the time frames outlined in our
Quality Manual. Job routers are strictly followed for each part, ensuring consistent quality from each part.