hammerless union

The Sur-Lock Hammerless Union has been engineered to be used any place where you currently use 1002 or 1502 hammer unions. Sizes range from 2” through 5” nominal pipe sizes, and pressures up to 15,000 psi. Our unions are pressure tested and designed to hold at up to 22,250 psi. The union was designed to be tightened using a ratcheting “slot machine” motion. The final precise torque is applied with a unique “pry-bar” motion which puts the full and precise torque and pre-loading on the seal. The seal is pressure-energized, so the entire assembly is very tolerant of misalignment, wear/erosion, or bending forces.

The Hammerless Union is the perfect union for Kelly hose attachments, frac spreads, mud valve unions, plug valves, drilling chokes, or any other application where the component needs to be repeatedly made-up and broken-down. Click the below link to see video of the 5” 15,000 psi union.

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