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sur drive

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Premium designed the Sur-Drive™ Epicyclic Swivel System to address multiple problems that drillers have had with their top drive washpipe cartridge assemblies. These seal systems are one of the most common causes of downtime for a drilling rig. Premium’s unique epicyclic design, takes a new approach to these problems by slowing down the internal speeds within the cartridge, for any given top drive rotational speed. At the slower rotational speeds, seal life and other problems are significantly reduced.

Features Include:

RPM on Packing Seals Reduced
A planetary gear is integrated into the lower housing. The carrier holds the washpipe and by design rotates 40% slower. This allows the rotational speed to be split 60/40 between lower and upper housings. This raises the Pressure-Velocity values for your existing seals which increases seal life.

Self Aligning
The Sur-Drive cartridge assembly has a unique feature for self-centering during installation which compensates for lateral misalignment between the gooseneck and main shaft pilots.

Hammerless Installation
The Sur-Drive cartridge assembly can be inserted horizontally and secured into place with two hub clamps by permanently installing our adapter hubs.

Sealed Gear Box
All gear box components are submerged in gear oil which provides constant lubrication and eliminates the need for costly, space consuming roller bearings.
Rotary shaft seals are used to keep the oil in, and the dirt out.

Pre-Compressed Packing Seals
The Sur-Drive cartridge assembly allows for the seals to be compressed on the ground prior to installation by way of eight low torque screws. No special tools are needed to compress these seals.

Competitively Priced
Our true through-bore versions do very well versus ceramic seal based washpipe assemblies costing tens of thousands of dollars more.