madeinusaLPremium Oilfield Technologies offers valves and seats for standard, and high pressure / extreme service applications.  We have a wide variety designs. 


Valves and Seats

  • Patriot Harsh Duty Valve
  • Caliber™ XV400
  • Caliber™ XS Seat
  • Standard Pressure Valves and Seats
valve hdv

The Patriot Harsh Duty Valve is a bonded urethane valve that will hold up to the most hostile drilling environment. The Patriot HD Valve will withstand High Pressure, High Temperature and High Solids.

Superior Performance, Long Run Life, Excellent Abrasion Resistance and Sealing Surface coupled with the highest rated chemically resistant urethane make the Patriot HD Valve an excellent choice for any drilling application.

  • All Patriot parts are manufactured in-house and not sub contracted
  • Unique urethane bonding anchor
  • Reliable with the highest quality control
  • High Temperature Urethane
  • Excellent extrusion and abrasion resistance
  • The strongest urethane bond of any valve for increased service life and a stronger seal
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Greater valve life
  • 7500+ psi rated
  • 300°F rated urethane
  • Precision machined
  • Carburized and heat treated
  • Full open seat
  • API-6 – 8 available


caliber valve seat

High Pressure, Extreme Service Valves

Caliber XV-400 valves are designed to take the constant pounding of full 7500 psi pumps in the most extreme situations. They are forged from a single piece of proprietary, high-strength alloy steel and are case-hardened to precisely controlled levels. An impact and high temperature resistant urethane seal is molded in place for maximum performance under abrasive and extreme conditions. Each part is individually inspected to ensure 100% performance and satisfaction.

    • Good in high temperature applications up to 350°F
    • Full open design
    • Forged and machined from single piece
    • Bonded insert prevents solids infiltration
    • Excellent performance in water and oil based muds
    • Excellent chemical resistance



High Pressure, Extreme Service Seats

The Premium Oilfield Technologies Caliber XS valve seat was designed for today’s high pressure, high temperature drilling conditions. The wide valve seat surface area increases service life.

Utilizing case hardened, high strength alloy steel, the XS seat was designed and field proven for 7500 psi applications.

  • Full open design evenly distributes load on modelseat deck
  • No lower lip; standoff can be easily measured
  • Open seat design allows for removal of bottom seat on Valve-Over-Valve design
  • Available in API 6, 7 and 8
  • Good for 7500 psi, high temperature applications



We manufacture and stock a wide variety of standard service valves and seats, including:

  • Full-open design for maximum mud flow (Novatech, G2, and Roughneck compatible designs available)
  • Web design available with 3-web or 4-web designs
  • High temperature versions for up to 300 F