type f test cup with mandrel2

2-3/8” IF (NC-26) Mandrel & Sub Assembly P/N: S-30589/90

Greater Durability. Greater Life.

The Patriot™ Type F Test Cup is made from the highest quality urethane available. This urethane is 3-4 times stronger than Nitrile rubber. The superior urethane used in our product allows for greater service life and durability.

Looking for something unique? We can manufacture Test Cups to meet any size & casing weight. If you need a specific connection or custom length mandrel or sub, we will work to customize your parts to suit your requirements. We also specialize in complete Cup Tester Assemblies which include Mandrels, Subs and Test Cups.

  • Operating pressures up to 15,000 psi
  • Excellent resistance to oil based mud
  • High quality urethane compounds for longer service life
  • Superior durability compared to the leading Type F Test Cups
  • Operating temperatures up to 220°F

*not suited for clear or sea water uses